I just watched a video about black holes. Einstein’s general relativity theory breaks down here, leading to infinity. Actually, I don’t really think it’s infinity because if I type in the numbers into a calculator, it’s ERROR.


Up till now, nobody can explain what is inside a black hole. What we know is that the huge gravity pulls is so strong that even light can’t escape it. Using Mathematics, the logic breaks down into ERROR. I think the Maths is right, it’s just that we’re using a thermometer to measure weight, and the thermometer says error. It doesn’t mean the thermometer is faulty, it’s just mean that we used the wrong thing to find the answer.


Imagine this, humans evolved to have eyes, mouth, nose, etc… Our eyes helped us to see, but still we don’t really see everything. There are certain spectrums of light waves that our eyes can’t detect. Our taste buds allow us to taste a limited range of tastes too. Our ears allow us to hear different sounds. Now, imagine humans have no ears and no taste buds, just eyes. Suddenly, it becomes almost impossible to understand how taste is like, we might not even know there are variations of tastes in this world. Or imagine if humans do not have ears, we might not even know there are sounds available, sounds would seem so foreign to us. How do we understand how something taste like if humans never knew the experience of taste? How do we describe colors to a person who has been blind since birth? It is a little like knocking a tune on the table but because you knew what tune is running in your mind, you find the knocking sounds good but to a stranger, he/she just thinks you’re knocking random noises. It is even more complicated when you take into account that genes were passed on so perhaps someone who has been blind since birth may still have a hint of colors, but what if humans never evolved to have sense of hearing or sense of taste before? It is difficult to imagine because all our lives, we have what we have.


What I’m trying to say is, Einstein’s general relativity theory breaks down but it doesn’t mean the theory is wrong. It’s just not the right theory to apply in another dimension that we couldn’t detect yet. A simple explanation is how Flatland works. It may be so difficult or impossible for a 2 dimensional world to understand how a 3 dimensional world looks like without a radical change in thinking.


I think the singularity is simply a higher level on the dimensions scale than the ones we understand about and therefore, we find it extremely difficult to articulate it. As difficult to articulate about how food taste like to a sentient who never eat, therefore never evolved to have the sense of taste.


Thinking is always the difficult part especially when we couldn’t observe directly. Anything that our senses can detect, these are the visible world that are easy to understand and articulate. The difficulty level grows the moment we need to start using brains. Simply put, if I put a block of wood in front of someone and asks what do you see, the correct answer and the majority answer may be a block of wood. But when you go into quantum mechanics, you’re looking at something vastly different than wood.